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Founded in 2003, Greenfield Agro Forestry Products (GAFP) delivers seeds of plants falling under agricultural, forestry and medicinal species. Our aim is to provide these rarely available (for sale) seeds to customer easily at their place without any hustle independent of the place they live at, and regardless of the fact that they are bulk buyers or retail ones . To do so GAFP provides these seeds to not only Indian customers but also to its international customers at their homes and offices. GAFP has done this with honest and on time delivery to their national and international clients.

GAFP, works from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. GAFP not only provide seeds but also provides support services to its customer in terms of information on “How to sow seeds?” and “Whether a particular variety is suited for climatic and soil condition”. Nourished by the gratitude of its benefactors and powered by the reach of local search and internet portals, this company has provided a wide variety of high-quality seeds to everybody. Every single customer supports the entire greenery of world, and the greenery in return supports the balance of atmosphere.


The company was founded by Dr Kunji lal Soni, initially named “Parvati Udyaniki” in 2003. After five years of hard work the company was handed over to Kunal Soni in 2011 who renamed the company as “Greenfield Agro Forestry Products”. The company started its online trade in 2011, and went to international marketing in 2012.

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